It’s spring and it couldn’t have come any sooner!

This winter was tough on Waterloo Region’s dog owners. Remember when the dog parks were solid slabs of ice? You walked in wishing you had worn thicker socks and then spilled some coffee on your glove when you slipped stepping into the park. There was a dog following your dog around the entire time trying to mount them, while their owner was on their cell phone sitting on a bench. After a lap or two of the park, you sighed, decided you’d had enough and left unsatisfied.

The Idea
We hear the same thing over and over from dog owners in the region: people are looking for new ways to keep their dog mentally stimulated, exercised and tired out. The region has long stretches of icy weather closing the local dog parks and trails during the winter, followed by months of mud and then heat waves that turn sidewalks into dog paw frying pans! 

While Kitchener does have wonderful dog daycares, they’re only available during the day and you can’t be with your dog. One day at a daycare facility in Kitchener averages $35-$40. Regular price for a month-long membership at the Wealthy K9 Club is $50 for all day access to the indoor socialization space and includes free entry to special events and demos.

Kitchener also has dog parks, but many dog owners are unwilling to use them for a variety of reasons. Badly mannered, unvaccinated dogs are very common in all outdoor dog parks. Fleas and ticks are out and about during the warmer months. Coyotes are regularly spotted around parks, litter and poop is left behind and did we mention the mud? There’s SO much mud. 

Then there’s The Wealthy K9 Club, where enrichment is what we do! 

K9 Social Park Come in from the cold with your coffee or tea, take off your coat and greet other club members and their amazing dogs. Feel confident letting your dog off leash, knowing all the dogs you interact with have been temperament tested and are up to date on vaccines, just like your dog. Walk the circuit around the rubber floored park and enjoy playing with basic agility equipment and obstacles. Check out the scent enrichment wall for dogs who love to follow their nose and then have a look at the schedule for all the exciting events coming up soon! 

Event Space The event and training space will be regularly used for all levels of obedience and various agility and sport lessons. With professional agility equipment, experienced individuals can rent the space to train and practice for competition or fun. Dog trainers can hold private sessions. Hold a birthday “pawty” for your pup or book for private play time for dogs who prefer to play alone or one on one with their owner. Come listen to trainers, behaviourists and other specialists who work with dogs and watch for exciting sport demo events and friendly club competitions. 

Here’s what we’re envisoning:

A bright, open 3,000-5,000 square foot space in the Kitchener area with high quality recycled rubber flooring throughout for safe play. Separate space or divided area for agility equipment, classes and events. 

Indoor Dog Socialization Park
Agility Classes
Obedience Classes
Space rental for private training, parties

Meet Ups! Breed, Size and Puppy Socials
Agility Competitions
Dog Yoga 
Lure line Days
Scent Detection
Dog-Related Speakers
Training Clinics
Birthday parties
Liquor licensed evenings (Dogtoberfest, anyone?)

Stretch Goals
The reality of Kickstarting a business is that it can be hard to hit a large target, but the more we have to work with, the more exciting things we can do with the space!

At our goal of $25,000 we can make a basic version of The Wealthy K9 Club: an indoor play space with fun events and activities. With this budget, we can open a ~2,000-3000 square foot social space for people and their dogs, provide lightweight agility equipment, obstacles, scent enrichment, meet ups and all kinds of events for members. At this tier we would not be able to provide a lesson and rental space or professional equipment at the time of opening. Starting small leaves plenty of room for growth! 

At $35,000, we can afford a larger space that can be divided so training and rental space can be part of our services. Members will have uninterrupted access to the socialization park all day long, we can hold significantly more events and also provide obedience, puppy classes and meet ups! We would not be able to provide professional sport and agility equipment but we would have an amazing starting point and lots of other activities for members!

Our ultimate Goal is $50,000. Hitting this goal means we can afford a larger space, more perks, provide professional agility equipment and hit the ground running! If we reach this tier, everyone benefits: to show our gratitude, all of our backers who pledge at any tier above a monthly membership reward ($75+), will receive an extra month of membership, FREE! 

Mandy and Juliana are both currently successful small business owners living and working in Kitchener. Their combined experience, passion for happy pets, happy people and entrepreneurship make them an unstoppable pair! Have a look at their individual profiles here for more information! 

If The Wealthy K9 Club is something you’d like to bring to Waterloo Region, please back us and share with all your friends! We’re so excited to get to work! 

Remember, Kickstarter is ALL or NOTHING! If we don’t reach our goal you don’t lose your money, but you also don’t get the opportunity to be an active member of a wonderful new resource for pet owners. So LIKE and SHARE with other dog owners and together we can create your new favourite place to spend time in Kitchener!